Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween-y Thursday Thunks meme

1. So Halloween is this weekend, if you haven't heard. Are you gonna open your doors up or not?

Nope. I'm going out! One of my best friends turns 40 a couple days before Halloween and is having an '80s party. We bought wigs and all kinds of crazy stuff, it's going to be a great time.

2. You better open 'em cuz I'm coming... what are you putting in my treat bag?

Nobody will be here. Don't waste your time. :)

3. Since October is the bestest month for television (well for cable & dish subscribers it is) and there is a horror movie on at any given time of the day - are you sick of them yet?

Not a horror movie fan, sorry. Though "Silence of the Lambs" was really good, and "The Sixth Sense"--do those count?

4. Which one of those movies can you watch over & over again?

The only horror movies I can watch are the cheesy old ones like William Castle, "Straitjacket", "Homicidal", or ones riffed on by Mystery Science Theater 3000/Rifftrax/Cinematic Titanic like "Screaming Skull", "The Brain That Wouldn't Die", etc.

5. Tell us about a Halloween scare you've had....

Halloween has never been scary for me. It's always been fun.

6. Did you watch the old Casper cartoons when you were a youngin? Well, back then they weren't old I suppose, but I'm sure you still understand my question.

I remember them being on, but I don't remember much about them. My favorite Halloween-themed cartoons involved Bugs Bunny and Witch Hazel, Bugs Bunny and Gossamer (the big orange monster), or other spooky Looney Tunes characters.

7. Have you ever found a four-leaf clover?

I have. I found one in Dena's yard a couple of years ago.

8. Haunted Houses... you know, the kinds you pay to get in and they chase you with chainsaws and severed heads.... do you like 'em?

Not really.

9. Do you use cute cartoon type wrapping paper for Christmas presents or the not cutesy paper? Or are you one of those gift card and/or gift bag people?

I use what's cheap. Sometimes I don't wrap at all. The gift is more important, and who has time? Gift cards are a great gift. I love them!

10. How long do boiled eggs need to stay in the boiling water before they become hard boiled eggs?

I'm not sure, I never got the hang of it. Mr. Salted is the cook.

11. Jason is coming in through your front door... Freddy is coming through your back door... zombies are at every window of the house and Norman Bates is calling to invite you to dinner... what do you do?

Force myself to wake up!!!

12. Did you know that the scariest part of Halloween is giving all of your Reese's Peanut Butter Cups away?

The scariest part for me would be having Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in the house to begin with! Even the sugar-free ones are awfully good.

13a. If you were to play a part of a haunted house (not the ghosts in the attic kind), what would you want to be?

I'd want to be the person in the coffin that came to life.

13b. Have you ever played a part in a haunted house?


14. If Thursday Thunks had a Halloween party, what do you think Kimber & Berleen would come dressed as?

Ketchup and mustard.

15. Do you cook a turkey for Thanksgiving?

We go to our friends' place every year and they usually cook turkey and prime rib.

16. Have you ever read a book that scared the pants off of you?

"Sharp Objects"--I think the author was Gillian Flynn. I know it was Gillian Something. Stephen King can write some pretty scary stuff. The psychological stuff scares me more than the gore.

17. Whats the predicted high temperature for today?

50 degrees

18. Have you ever howled at the moon?

Many times! :)

19.You are in an alley and a werewolf and a vampire are coming at you - one of them has to win. Which one do you want to bite you?

The cute one!

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