Wednesday, April 21, 2010

down in the dumps

I applied for five jobs today. Today, I also found out my unemployment went through--a huge relief. I have to go to a mandatory job-search workshop next week that I'm sure will be simply delightful. I fully expect to have a headache afterward. Speaking of which...

I've been fighting a migraine this week and have just been down in the dumps. (I'm not sure why, I had a really nice weekend getaway with Mr. Salted.) All day yesterday, I couldn't make myself do anything but stare at TV I didn't care about in a dark room and eat too much (a relative amount, considering I can't eat all that much, but it still concerns me). Today, I'm trying to drink tea instead.

I have to start keeping chocolate completely out of my house. I knew this in my logical mind, but old habits die hard. It's one of my tests--I thought this surgery would just make me get sick when I ate any, but it doesn't. I can feel a little ooky, maybe get a little headache, but I rarely eat enough for that to happen. I live and die by the serving size.

My ankle is hurting a lot (the weather keeps changing) and I haven't felt like exercising this week. Last night, I took two Advil PM just so I would sleep through the night and not have the ankle wake me up as it has been every night about 2-3 AM. I made it to 5 AM.

A couple of days ago, I went to the closest Y, found out it was $100 to join and $55 a month, which I would call steep, especially since I just wanted to use the pool--and because I have a sneaking suspicion the $100 gets coughed up again if the monthly dues should lapse. It's $10 per use if you just pay as you go, which is just plain crazy. I need to check around some more. I finally got a bathing suit that works, which is good. I've thought about checking into gyms, but the smug, healthy people who frequent them tend to induce (my) vomiting. The Y has Silver Sneakers programs for seniors--they need to have WOG (Women of Girth, a term we coined in my support group) programs. (MOGs also welcome.) I've also heard us called "men/women of size", which seems goofy--everyone is of one size or another.

I have my advising appointment at the college tomorrow, and I'm hoping that gets me fired up again.

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