Friday, July 2, 2010


I am not intentionally ignoring the blog...I have had nothing to say lately. Full-time swing shift has me much more sleep-deprived than usual, and I can't seem to acclimate even though it's been a month--and allegedly, we will be going on day shift in less time than that. (I can hardly wait.) The sleep I do get is sporadic and not of good quality, so I am feeling barely taped together. I feel out of sync with the rest of the world, almost exclusively communicating with Mr. Salted via notes and text messages. Since we actually like each other, this sucks. I miss him. I am relying on caffeine a lot more than I'm comfortable with, and I had a screamer migraine a week ago that forced me to leave work halfway through my shift. I was down with said migraine all last weekend.

My weight isn't doing anything in particular. I am trying not to succumb to temptation and succeeding probably 2/3 of the time. I guess I am discouraged to some extent, but mostly, I am just tired.

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