Tuesday, May 11, 2010

9 months post-op with bariatric surgeon

In summary: he concluded that I have lost 71 pounds total (still 91 since my highest weight--that's the number I tell people, with that caveat), seven pounds since the last visit three months ago, so I'm still about where I should be. If I want to lose it faster, I have to exercise more often. (I've been managing once or twice a week.) My cholesterol is still high, and since I can no longer ingest any food that would cause it to be that way--and haven't been able to for months--so it has to be genetic. I'm taking chromium and niacin as well. It IS lower than it was when I went on cholesterol meds lo those many years ago, but it's still really high. (276, I think he said. My primary care physician is going to ream me and make me go back on the freakin' statins. Sigh.)

Usually, I am a big fan of nurses in general (especially Nurse Jackie!) but the one today annoyed the bejesus out of me, clucking over my lab results because my "folate and vitamin B-12 are ELEVATED". Riddle me this, Nurse Never-Seen-You-Before-In-My-Life, what dire consequences could such elevation bring forth? (I see the nutritionist Thursday, I'm sure SHE'LL tell me...) If it means I have to buy a reduced quantity of expensive bariatric vitamins, I shall dance a joyous jiggly-jig with unchecked abandon. Sometimes I think these people grasp for clucking material so they don't have to connect with you on any level beyond the blood-pressure cuff, or maybe they feel like they haven't justified your co-pay unless you get some kind of feedback (where most doctors seem as though they could care less, but that's another issue altogether).

Well, hmpf. I didn't sleep well last night, and from the sounds of it, it would appear that I am a touch grumpy. :)

So, I will conclude with good and positive things: beautiful sunny day, I loved my Visio class and taking classes again PERIOD, and I bought something to wear at Costco the other day and I didn't have to buy the biggest size they had for the first time since high school!!! I was scanning some old pictures last night and couldn't help but notice how much better I look now than I did even for most of my 20s. I look healthier and happier (probably because I am definitively both of these). I cannot retrieve my less-weathered skin from days of yore, but it IS clearer now; I've had lasik so no more Coke-bottle specs; and best of all, I found my Mr. Salted. I'm not fatter, but I'm definitely sassier. ;)

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