Monday, January 19, 2009

the universe dangles the carrot...

The surgical place just called me to check in. They have everything insurance needs but that pesky 6 months' documentation and wanted to know my progress on it, so I brought them up to speed. They have 10 years of my chart notes and every other piece of the puzzle, so they had a confab, cleared it with me, and are sending it to the insurance company to see if they will approve it now rather than later.

I don't expect insurance to approve it now, but I'm already in the process of the documentation et. al., so what is there to lose by submitting it? Is insurance really going to read all 600 pages of chart notes before they approve this? (And why can't I find a job somewhere like that? I'm precisely the kind of freak that enjoys reading 600 pages of chart notes.)

I love that these people are paying attention! I knew I liked them. My psych eval was Friday, today is a holiday for a lot of people, and here they are calling me before end of business the next business day. The brownie points just keep a-comin'.

Too bad I can't have a real brownie.

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