Sunday, January 31, 2010

Plateau--it's not just a song Nirvana once sang!

I seem to be on an endless plateau. Wow. My weight has been the same for over a month. I started walking last week and yet, here we still are.

One of my friends--who happens to be a nurse--informed me recently that a weight plateau can last for a year. (A YEAR??? Someone, please tell me this is not so.) She said some reasonable stuff that made sense, like that your body hits plateaus (plateaux?) so it can get used to the weight it is now before it can go on and lose some more weight. I can buy that, I suppose. But a YEAR??? If I just stall here for another eleven months, I am going to be sore discouraged.

My fear is, of course, that this is about what I weighed in my early 20s and that I'm not going to get any smaller. As much as I'm glad I had the surgery and say "even if I don't lose any more weight, it was worth it," I really want to lose the rest of the damn weight. As far as I'm concerned, I'm only halfway there.

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