Sunday, February 7, 2010

6-month nutritionist appointment

I had my six-month appointment with the nutritionist a few days ago. I was two pounds lighter at home than I was in their office, which completely annoyed me. If I take the weight I was at home (which I do, dammit), I lost five pounds in the last month, so the plateau I'm on isn't as bad as I thought. Also, slo-w-o-o-o-owly, clothes are still becoming too big, bit by bit. If I take the weight I was at home (which I'm going to, just because--it was 208), I've lost about 70 pounds now.

The nutritionist said I was doing really well. My labs were all good, except my cholesterol remains a little high--but I did just start exercising and the ankle isn't yet tolerating more than once or twice a week. We talked at length about protein, which I am still using in supplement form three times a day. She said, "Maybe you should try to eat more 'real' food."

OK, WTF? I can't exactly eat a lot of 'real' food. I don't cook. I don't have a family to feed, so I can just have a protein bar or bullet or drink for a meal replacement if I want to. If I'm getting in all my vitamins and minerals, losing weight and have good labs, why should she care what I eat? Sometimes I have a couple of bites of my husband's 'real' food, and I try to eat things with protein whenever possible--cheese, chili, etc. Feh.

She was also ruminating about my protein bullets of choice--she is trying to research whether or not they contain the type of protein that actually 'counts'--but my labs had fabulous results for protein. I was happy to discover that my local Wal-Mart carries a protein bullet I can use (and which is almost a dollar cheaper apiece than anywhere else I've seen) in their pharmacy area, but I started buying the Body Choice ones directly from the manufacturer (the ones that used to be at Costco, but that have been recently discontinued). Body Choice also sent me a freebie, a large bottle (a quart or so) of liquid protein that has 20 grams for every six tablespoons. It doesn't taste too bad.

My favorite ready-to-drink remains the Believe drinks--they look like bottled Starbucks Frappuccinos. There is no gritty texture--they are extremely smooth and don't taste like a protein drink. As of now, they come in Italian Cappuccino, Mocha Latte' and Soothing Chai Tea, and they can be ordered from They're not cheap, though, especially when shipping costs are factored in.

I see the bariatric surgeon for the six-month follow-up Tuesday.

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