Sunday, February 28, 2010

"I shouldn't be wearing white, and you can't afford no ring." --Dixie Chicks

Due to my weight loss, my fingers have shrunk. A lot. I used to wear a size 10 ring--now I wear a size 8. My wedding band got so loose it would just fall off and I wouldn't even notice it. I wore it on the middle finger of my left hand until it fell off that one, too.

So, I went without any ring at all for a few weeks. It felt weird. For one thing, I am a compulsive ring-player-wither. I would swear that people looked at me differently, and I didn't care for it. Getting and being married is the most societally acceptable thing I've ever done, and since I have a great husband, I enjoy being societally acceptable for that one small aspect of life (usually I scoff at and rail against such things).

I didn't want to blow a ton of money on an interim ring--who knows, my fingers might shrink some more before all is said and done--so I replaced my favorite ring from the Pyramid Collection in my current size. This is it. It's Victorian vintage-inspired and only $59.99. Right up my alley.

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