Sunday, February 28, 2010

South Beach bars

I love South Beach bars. They have a lot of varieties that have high protein content--from 5 g to 15 g, as far as I know--all under 200 calories. It's a great snack or even a post-WLS meal replacement. I've been test-driving a lot of protein bars since surgery and I've liked all of them, but the ones that can be purchased from specialty bariatric sites or GNC tend to be more expensive than the South Beach bars and the protein content doesn't differ much, if at all. However, the selection of South Beach bars in stores is extremely hit or miss.

So, I got a wild hair the other day and Googled, and lo and behold, you can buy South Beach bars in bulk on! The average price is about 5 boxes for $26-27, which is less than you would pay in a store, even on sale or with a coupon. Buy a couple of boxes and the shipping is free. They also seem to have every variety under the sun, many I'd never seen anywhere. If you are a fan or want to try them out, get thee to Amazon!

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