Sunday, February 28, 2010

I am (meme)

I am: always asking questions
I think: I can do a lot more with my life
I know: that I am lucky
I have: a wonderful husband and friends
I dislike: promises
I miss: dreams I used to think were possible
I fear: that I'll never find work that I can stand that pays enough to survive
I feel: that not enough people truly acknowledge how debilitating depression is to live with every day
I hear: myself typing
I smell: red wild cherry tea
I crave: one of those sinless Smoothies from Coldstone that are made with Splenda...had one yesterday...DAMN they are good!
I usually: have what you need in my purse
I search: for meaning
I wonder: if I will ever finish a book
I regret: how I've treated myself
I love: my husband, friends, and animals
I care: more than I wish I did
I am always: the one who says, "Yeah, but what if...?"
I worry: too much
I remember: when you had to put way too much effort into your hair
I dance: solo preferably
I sing: all the time and don't care how I sound
I don’t always: have enough patience ;)
I argue: as little as I can, but I don't just shut up, either.
I write: when I have to
I lose: myself in books and movies
I wish: everyone could be fed, sheltered, and given free medical
I listen: to everything
I don't understand: why I haven't been able to figure out what I want to be when I grow up
I can usually be found: near a computer
I am scared: of health problems
I need: safety and security
I forget: nothing, sometimes unfortunately
I am happy: when I listen to myself and do what I need
I want: what I have with a couple extra things I'm still working on.

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