Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My review of "Gaining: The Truth About Eating Disorders" by Aimee Liu

I found this book astonishingly good, the best I have ever read on eating issues. Informative, well-researched, well-written, the combination of facts and personal stories made it a far more engaging read than one would expect. Not only was every stage of life addressed, there were many insights into our culture. I may not agree with every single thing in this book, but I think anyone with eating and weight issues would find it illuminating, validating, and ultimately healing...I also think it could benefit those who are trying to support a loved one with these issues, as the style is not just dry technical jargon. I also appreciated the fact that the author is an older woman whose recovery from anorexia began decades ago, when research and treatment was in its infancy...she was able to give a historical perspective on eating disorder research, treatment, and recovery as well. I doubt there is a woman in America who could not glean something of value from this book.

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