Monday, February 9, 2009

Nutritionist appointment today

Day 30 of write everything down that I ingest; appointment number 2 with the nutritionist. I was surprised to learn that I have lost four pounds, not that I get that excited about losing four pounds at this weight. I know all I have to do is look at a piece of apple pie and I will gain 20; to paraphrase comedian Ron White (who, it should be noted, makes me laugh until I snort most unbecomingly), "I know. I've seen me do it." Still, it was nice to receive praise, even if it made me think of what positive rewards for toilet training must be like (I was relieved not to receive any sort of sticker). I maintain that I lost the four pounds because dread burns calories.

She looked at my food diary and actually said I was doing well there, too. The only thing she would have me change is to get in another serving of vegetables a day, which is exactly what the last nutritionist I saw told me to do. I told her I could do that. And I can.

Insurance wants me to see the exercise physiologist, so I see him Wednesday. He looked young and nonthreatening and seemed upbeat, but not in a vomity way, so it might be okay. We'll see how it goes...hey, if insurance pays, I'm there with bells on; I am nothing if not educable.

We also discussed my sweet tooth, my nocturnal need for sugary sustenance, and my assignment for the month is about cravings. She gave me four strategies to control cravings. The point of this is to write about which strategies I try and how they work or don't work. More on that later.

After going grocery shopping post-appointment and buying all kinds of healthy food, I am tired and on the way to celebrate my meager weight loss by getting in bed with a book--even better, a trashy true-crime book that has absolutely no redeeming social or academic value. Let's hear it for the printed word!

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