Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Taking care of business

That has been the order of the day/week/foreseeable future. I finally got our taxes done and e-filed today, and we decided that I was going to try and go for a Technical Writing Certificate at UW in the fall with the return money, if I could get in, etc.. The timing would all be perfect if I am even somewhat on schedule in terms of this surgery. So I have been looking into that as well. Mr. Salted has to have a gum graft, so we spent yesterday at the periodontist.

I haven't heard from the insurance yet on the psych eval and whether or not they will cover it. It's been lovely not having any appointments of my own this week so I could just take care of things. I've been finding tons of books I wanted to read--both regarding weight and body issues and not. We really cannot afford any additional counseling for me right now and so I'm intending to read as much as I can and also check out online support groups. I know there are many.

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