Monday, April 13, 2009


So, four days after my appointment, my ankle still hurts. I had to stay off it pretty much completely for a couple of days, elevate, ice, and push the ibuprofen 24-7. It feels like it may be the Achilles as it affects the area around the back of the ankle as well. I emailed my exercise physiologist and told him I didn't think this was normal and that I was going to focus on strength training, tai chi, and when I felt up to it, shorter walks or aerobic DVD moments. I'm also going to check into pool schedules around the area. I know I need to do more to lose more weight more quickly but I also have to be for real. Frankly, the ankle situation is one of the reasons I decided to get this surgery in the first place. It will be a lot easier to work out after some of the weight is off, and some weight is going to come off post-op regardless. Even if the exercise I do isn't always cardio, it builds up strength and improves circulation so it's better than nothing.

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