Monday, April 27, 2009

I Want to Save Your Life

This is the name of a new show on Women's Entertainment Television. I just watched the first two episodes and thought it was pretty cool. The host/doctor has struggled with his own weight and health in the past. He comes into the subject's life and shows them how to shop, how to exercise, and helps them get to the root of their issues. He then follows up several months later to show the progress they are making with their lifestyle changes.

It is really nice to see a show like this that actually is helping people. Surgery does not seem to be a factor at all in these cases, which is neither here nor there. What I really appreciate is that there is education happening, light-bulb moments for the subjects, and real-life progress. No magic bullets, no illusions about how easy or quick this all is, because it isn't. No drill sergeants or getting voted off the freakin' island. No laughing and pointing.

I tend to be somewhat cynical about "women's entertainment" channels. (Lifetime's "television for women" tagline always annoyed me: what women? Not most of the ones I know. Maybe some women, but not all women. Just like all men don't feel the need to watch "Trucks!" on the Spike network.) Lifetime's original movie titles follow this format: "I Hate My Husband: The Jane Doe Story". I do like that they rerun old sitcoms I like, such as "Golden Girls" (btw, RIP, Bea Arthur, you were fantastic) and "Will and Grace". I like some of their true crime shows and the occasional random documentary. I have to say that I like Women's Entertainment TV more than Oxygen or Lifetime at this point. ("The Bad Girls Club" on Oxygen just doesn't do it for me, but at least Oxygen does air a fair amount of figure skating coverage. No one else does these days.)

I hope this show doesn't get cancelled.

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