Monday, April 27, 2009


1. What are your current obsessions?
Crystal Light Focus. Advil. The "Adventureland" soundtrack.

2. Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often?
Anything cotton, loose, and comfy.

3. What's for dinner?
Leftover sloppy Joes. I had a dream about sloppy Joes, which I hadn't had in about ten years, and a coupon--a lethal combination. They were okay, but didn't taste as good as the dream.

4. Last thing you bought?

5. What are you listening to?
The computer hum, my neck pop, cars going by

6. If you were a god/goddess who would you be?
I'd want to be Athena. Does Wonder Woman count? I look like the Venus of Willendorf (ancient statue of a fertility goddess).

7. Favorite holiday spots?
The Oregon Coast, a cruise ship with a balcony room, Red Caboose Getaway

8. Reading right now?
I just finished "Grunge is Dead" last night. I'm working through Natalie Goldberg's "Old Friend From Far Away". "Anatomy of a Food Addiction" in my group/class.

9. 4 words to describe yourself.

10. Guilty pleasure?
Chocolate, "Divorce Court", one-hit wonders.

11. Who or what makes you laugh until you’re weak?
My fabulous friends. Margaret Cho. Christopher Guest movies.

12. Planning to travel to next?
Can't afford it, willfully not thinking about it. I'm signing us up for every sweepstakes to win a trip I can find.

13. Best thing you ate or drank lately?
Seriously? The Ghirardelli chocolate squares I shouldn't have had yesterday.

14. When did you last get tipsy?
Last summer.

15. Care to share some wisdom?
Life is too short to expend emotional energy on those who only drain yours. Concurrently: to thine own self be true.

16. Nicest thing anyone’s ever said to you?
There are a few: your friendship is the greatest gift of my life. You have the most beautiful heart I've ever known. You are my chosen sister. You are my soul mate. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. We don't throw people away. All of these came from different sources--so I'm a very lucky person.

17. If you could have just one more conversation with a person from your past, who would it be? Jeff. I miss him so much.

18. Do your friends tend to be male or female?
At this point in my life, it's an equal balance. Women get cooler as they get older. :)

19. What is in your car’s trunk? Reusable grocery bags and a case of water.

I'd like to tell you that there are various fucktard parts in there but alas, it's just my reusable grocery bags

20. What was the last CD that you purchased? The "Adventureland" soundtrack

21. What is your favorite movie and why? I really love "American Beauty" and "Ghost World". So much truth, humor, tragedy, great acting, etc. "Airplane!" and "Soapdish" can always, ALWAYS make me laugh. "Walk the Line" and "Good Night and Good Luck" are both incredible fact-based films.

22. If you could wake up with a new talent tomorrow, what would it be? Being able to work for The Man with a smile and not have to shower afterward.

23. What is your favorite day of the week and why? the weekend, because it's chill.

24. What are you wearing when you feel you’re at your best? Makeup and earrings, comfortable clothes that I feel good in.

25. When was the last time you cried? Last week.

26. What items (if any) do you get embarrassed to purchase? None. I was always the one my friends sent in to buy their condoms and pregnancy tests when we were "underage"...I didn't care.

27) If you could have the ability to solve problems quickly and easily or the ability to know without a doubt every time a person told a lie, which ability would you want and why? Probably the problems one. I have good lying radar.

28) Do you nap a lot? Yes, because I'm not a good sleeper.

29) If you were given a free house that was full furnished, where in the world would you like it to be? Cannon Beach, OR

30) Name three things that you could not live without.
Loved ones

31) What would you like in your hands right now?

32) What would you change or eliminate about yourself?
How much I love chocolate

33) As a child, what type of career did you want?
A writer

34) What’s your favorite book from the past year?
There are too many! I'm a speedy, prolific reader.

35)Is there a comfort food from your childhood that you still enjoy?
Cooked chocolate pudding with the skin on it. Haven't had it in YEARS.

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