Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My review of "Love Sick" by Sue William Silverman

I saw Sue William Silverman interviewed on a TV documentary and picked up this book and also her first so glad I did on both counts. Since "Love Sick" is framed by Silverman's stint in rehab, it is very different from the first book, both in structure and feel--"Because I Remember Terror..." has a much more removed tone looking back at childhood horrors with a keen observational eye; "Love Sick" also possesses the keen eye but feels much more immediate as the author processes her rehab experience as it unfolds. "Love Sick" illustrates how very universal the nature of addiction is and will speak to anyone who has struggled with addiction of any stripe. If someone in Lifetime's demographic picks up this book and gets some help who may not have otherwise, then selling the film rights was worth it...we all have to pay the rent. The Lifetime movie does not render this book invaluable or Silverman's experience any less valid.

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