Thursday, April 9, 2009


I bought my first papaya the other day, and ate half of it at lunch today. Let's just say that I was unimpressed with my overall papaya experience.

I like mangoes, and I know I've had things that had papaya in them and liked the taste. Papayas are expensive--I believe I paid $2.99 a pound--but I was trying to switch it up a bit in the fruit department. Little did I know.

I cut into that bad boy and what do you know, it was full of seeds! The skin isn't edible because it's hard and thick. By the time I trimmed the skin off and eliminated the core, there was barely any fruit left, and let's just be frank--it tasted like ass.

Sometimes I feel like I just woke up an alien life form on this planet and don't quite know how I got here (or survived this long here). People are probably reading this thinking, "How did you get to 40 years old without ever eating a papaya?" What can I say? Life is odd.


Exercise physiologist appointment was today. It kicked my butt. I walked on the treadmill 30 minutes and did a bunch of strength training. I kept telling him how stuff hurts and how much my balance stinks, and he got to witness one of my graceless unplanned lurches for himself. My ankles are cracking and feel like they're going to give out from under me. I say it's naptime.

Edit, a couple of hours later: I feel like I blew out my stupid ankle again. I'm cancelling my plans for tomorrow and staying off it so I can actually enjoy our anniversary getaway next week.

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