Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 86, Part Two: This Time, It's Personal

Phone appointment this morning with regular doctor went well. She is upping my Seroquel (sleep med) to 75 mg with optional 5 mg Ambien chaser if I wake up and can't go back to sleep during the night.

"Has it changed your mood?" she wanted to know.

"To what?" I answered. No, my mood pretty much stays at half-mast, Doc; I just want to sleep. I am having one of those puffy-eyed, flat-affect kind of days as it is. We debated about eventually changing the Lexapro, but when she consulted my chart notes she discovered I have already tried every freakin' antidepressant that was ever so much as a glimmer in Eli Lilly or GlaxoSmithKline's eye.

We talked about the sleep apnea, and she wants me to see the specialty dentist to get the mouth guard made ASAP. I have to see if I can get it covered first; they are not cheap. If I have to have another sleep study, I will straight-up plotz. She is willing to write me authorization letters for everything. I heart my doctor.

(A side note/update about Fun With Insurance Coverage--insurance still has not settled on my psych eval charges. They continue to debate back and forth with the provider's office as of 11:30 this morning. The date of service was January 16.)


Next up: the nutritionist.

I weigh in. I have gained a couple of pounds. I am two pounds less than I was on the first appointment. This is not a shock. I am rather grateful I didn't gain more.

We procceed to Talk Seriously about What I Think Happened. What I think happened is as follows: I am not feeling motivated, I am sick of the BS, I have a hitch in my gitalong, I am discouraged. I have gone out to eat and I wanted a cocktail. I have gone out to eat and split dessert with Mr. Salted. I have gone out to eat and felt like crying because I'm not going to be able to enjoy food as I once did. I have eaten chocolate because it remains the most reliable source of pleasure on the planet. So sue me. I am still writing every blessed thing I eat down (give or take a Hershey's Kiss here and there), complete with calorie counts and protein content. I am exercising roughly half the time. I am not a complete and total screw-up; if it was Pass/Fail, I'd get a Pass. (I think. If I smiled a lot. Probably.)

I tell her I'm looking into getting counseling authorized by insurance and--DA DA DUM!!!!! turns out the wellness center is hosting a support group. It isn't free, but the cost isn't outrageous. It starts tomorrow night, goes until June 3. The flyers says, "help break the cycle of food addiction and emotional eating." It's facilitated by a nutritionist/counselor and there will be no more than eight members, which sounds like a good size. Support, therapy, reading, assignments, etc. I bit the bullet and took the money out of the tax-return/pipe-dream-of-further-education fund, which is flying out of the bank to pay this bill and that anyway. I really need to talk to some other people who are dealing with the same stuff; I think it could really benefit me. (Since I coughed up the actual cash, I know that I will not run screaming into the night; once I part with any money, to run screaming ceases to be my way. My way is, "I will get everything out of this that I possibly can, dammit.") I participated in a similar group fifteen years ago, and although it was not about food issues, it was extremely helpful. The book they are going to use in this group is called "Anatomy of a Food Addiction". It discusses brain chemistry and other contributing factors.

I have never talked about my food issues in a group of people I didn't know. I barely talk about them with people I do know. I wonder if I will be the fattest (SHALLOW!), and I wonder if there will be any men there. (It would be really interesting to talk to an acknowledged male food addict.)

I am feeling some (inevitable) dread, but also that this is a positive step in the right direction.

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