Sunday, July 12, 2009


I finally got a laptop; it is a lovely thing. I would have liked to get a Mac, but just couldn't justify the expense at this juncture. I just got an Acer at Office Max, and it was the floor model, so it set me back a mere $423.00. I lasted about 12 hours with the stupid "pad" on the keyboard, so I went back the next day for the wireless mouse. I also got a nice lap desk, which I like to sit atop a big flat pillow. (I don't have much of an actual lap.) I still like my PC for my iTunes and my photo editing stuff--I don't think a laptop could handle all the memory that would take, though I did get a decent-size screen (I think it's 16.5"). I love that I can take it with me and write anytime and anywhere; I hope it encourages me to do so. The keys do feel wonderfully fluid under my fingertips. (To date, mostly it has encouraged me to sit on the bed while Mr. Salted and I harvest our farms on Facebook.) It's great that I will be able to have it in the hospital, and while I'm staying off my ankle prior to that surgery.

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