Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pre-surgery ultrasound

I feel like I haven't been around at all. It's been crazy! Between fun stuff, surgery stuff and work stuff, I have been on the run, and mostly I'm glad; I don't have time to sit around and obsess about the surgery, and I'm bringing in some money--and I know this is a temporary segue.

Yesterday was my pre-surgical abdominal ultrasound to evaluate for gallstones. (If they see gallstones, they will remove my gallbladder during the bypass surgery.)

I've had ultrasounds and a lot of other stomach tests before (colonoscopy, endoscopy, etc.) but this ultrasound was quite the marathon. I must have been in there for at least 45 minutes, contorting my body so that every conceivable view of my innards could be recorded. There was also a lot of breath holding and blowing it out. At times my torso felt a little tender because the tech was really having to push to get the view needed, but what surprised me was how sore I was afterward--basically I was no good at all for the rest of the day from the pain.

I still need to do an EKG and fasting blood draw; I was going to do it the same day, but my surgery date is August 3 so it needed to be done July 3 or after.

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