Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lazy Sunday

It definitely was. I spent a lot of it in bed, finishing one book and devouring another. It was quite lovely.

"Cinematic Titanic" was an absolute riot. We both pretty much laughed for two solid hours. I swear I pulled something. We went to one of our favorite diners beforehand, I had pot roast dinner (roast beast, loaded mashed potatoes, steamed veggies) and we split a piece of apple pie a la mode. HUGE meal compared to what I usually eat.

I am definitely going to mourn being able to go out and have a big meal like that once in a while. Usually I'm measuring my half-cup of nuts or cottage cheese or piece of fruit or vegetable, drinking water like a camel and not much else, and most of the time I really don't mind that. The thought of never being able to go out and have a big meal again, though, is somewhat sad, but I don't think it will bother me like losing chocolate. That's my heroin. I'm still not quite sure how I'm going to give it up.

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