Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Snap, crackle, pop

Yesterday my ankles were popping and cracking and felt a little weak, so I didn't want to go for a walk on the street in case the bum one gave out again. I decided to do one of my DVD workouts inside, so I did "Rockin' Body" with Shawn T--the "Hip Hop Abs" guy. (I can make it through about 15-20 minutes, which is to say, not much past the warm-up.) They move pretty fast, but as long as I march or move at the same pace, I call it good. (Obviously I'm not going to be as smiling and oiled up as the people on the DVD.)

So I made it 20 minutes and quit when I was tired and had a good heart rate. I felt okay at first, but about ten minutes later I realized my bum ankle was sore--sore enough to want to stay off for the day. Since it has given out several times, and always at an inopportune time, I wanted to baby it, and I did. By the time I went to bed, it felt just about normal.

So I wake up this morning and the pain has left my ankle altogether, but has traveled and settled into my hip. The bum ankle and hip are both on the left side--both have been broken in the past. The left hip has been enough of a bugaboo to warrant cortisone shots; I have a tight IT band. The orthopedists' solution was physical therapy and stretching, which were marginally helpful temporarily. They suggested surgery, but I just could not see that and would rather take the three cortisone shots a year or whatever is allowed, but it's been years since I had a cortisone shot in my hip. Mostly I just deal; if it's really bad, I take a muscle relaxer. Which is probably the course of action for this afternoon, after all the errands are done.

I have always felt like an old person on the inside, but somehow it was easier when the physical outside seemed young--at least it was a physical contradiction that was tangible and could be argued when I felt like an old shoe someone threw up in. Now my outsides are rapidly morphing to match the insides; I'm finding that a wee bit depressing.

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