Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Muscle Milk

One of my readers asked me more about Muscle Milk, so I took some pictures of the packaging to show more nutrition and ingredient information.
Personally, I really like this stuff. I haven't looked everywhere I could for it in terms of stores, but so far I have found it at Target and Costco. The "light" is harder to find than the regular. It is fairly satisfying (pre-WLS) as something to tide you over until a meal or in the late afternoon with the blood sugar goes south, and there are a lot of good things in it--it provides a respectable amount of RDA's. (My nutrition-snob friend--who is not easy to impress--even made some positive comments to this end when I showed her the package, and my nutritionist is the one who steered me toward it in the first place.) Atkins has some similar shakes and so do Premium Nutrition and Bariatric Advantage; I plan to test-drive them all prior to surgery. They're not cheap, but nothing "good for you" ever is. :)

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