Saturday, June 6, 2009

Price-gouging dentist: the sequel

On May 17, I blogged about this crook of a dentist that tried to get me to come in for deep cleanings every 3 months and told me I needed 12 fillings and to take out a loan to pay for them, among other things.

My friend reminded me that her friend is a hygienist at a different dentist's office--it's an hour and a half away but I didn't care. I had a great experience with this practice and plan to recommend them to all my friends who are in that area. The dentist actually sat with me and took a health history, which I have never, ever had a dentist do. They gave me the nitrous without charging and were ready with dark glasses, blankets, whatever made their patients more comfortable. They explained everything that was going on as they were doing it.

So, the crooks told me I needed 12 fillings. I NEED TWO. The worst problem in my mouth--a crown that has to be cut off and replaced and which is causing me some discomfort--was not even noticed or diagnosed by the other maroons.

The moral of the story is--if you think you are at the hands of a price-gouging dentist--FIRE THEM!

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