Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Woman plans, cats laugh

I decided to clear off our table on Mr. Salted's birthday--it had long since become a repository for bills, junk mail, receipts, and general everyday-living crap. I cleaned it all up--and out--so we could actually use our table for eating occasionally (as many civilized people are rumored to do) and, ultimately, so it wouldn't be as depressing to live here; the more cluttered it gets, the more discouraged we both get, and the less motivated we are to clean it.

This is how my cats responded after a full-on organizational effort, opening the windows for fresh air, cleaning the house, and the liberal application of actual Lemon Pledge to the tabletop. Left to right: Nunzio, Mr. Stash, and Floyd. They all get along very well, but they rarely hang out this close together, so I had to snap a picture.

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