Thursday, September 3, 2009

Accident prone

I saw Granny again yesterday so that we could pay her rent together, and plan to go back to my job tomorrow (only doing a four-hour shift to start on Friday and Saturday, and perhaps a couple more short shifts next week before my uncle arrives), so today has been earmarked to Do Nothing. I never actually Do ABSOLUTELY Nothing, though it may look like that to the outside observer, because there is always, ALWAYS Something To Do. I always at least do laundry, basic cat maintenance, and the like.

I thought a simple task that I could perform on this low-key day at home was to organize recent sale and Ebay finds, clothes that are too small for me now but that won't be for long, with any luck. In our bedroom closet, we have about six file boxes on the top shelf so that we can organize and rotate Mr. Salted's seasonal work uniforms--so we have four boxes for that purpose and two for my clothes-to-be. I wanted to organize each box by size, hang up some of the stuff I thought would fit shortly--you get the jist.

At least one of my cats decided that he had to "help" and got on top of the boxes. Quite possibly, all three were in there at once. They are all absolutely transfixed by the closet--the smells, the light that operates with a pull string, and most powerfully, the fact that we shoo them out of there as quickly as possible. I had my two boxes of clothes down and was shifting them around. I was in the closet hanging up a couple of items and suddenly all four remaining boxes fell from the shelf simultaneously--and somehow, slashed the side of my head open, thankfully IN my hair. It was like an Olympic-caliber paper gash (it's a good three inches long, I took a picture of it so I could see it better). I immediately started crying--I'll cry over those Humane Society commercials, but usually not over physical pain, so that was strange--and instantaneously also got a massive headache. I took two Excedrin Tension Headache pills (my medical team would plotz, as it contains DEMON CAFFEINE--listen hard, see if you hear me caring) and got horizontal with a cold cloth as quickly as I could. It did bleed a bit.

Now, a couple of hours later, I think I am feeling sufficiently well enough to clean the clothes up. (I hate to have Mr. Salted bust his hump all day to come home and deal with something like this.) But you, know, CATS O' MINE, with everything I am juggling at the moment, I really did not need the head cut! Grrrrr.

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