Thursday, September 10, 2009

Plateau? ALREADY???

I'm afraid I may have hit a weight plateau--ALREADY. Isn't it a little early? Jeebus. My weight hasn't changed in a couple of days--but I don't have a great scale. It cost $9.99 and we only bought it to weigh our luggage for international travel--until that trip, I banished scales from my house for the majority of my adult life. The needle on my current scale is dodgy enough to have to be adjusted almost every time it is used. I try not to obsess about what it says. My nutritionist advised to get a scale that measured body fat as well as weight to prevent me from being discouraged when the inevitable plateau interludes occur. It looks like that type of scale costs about $80.

I'm doing better with separating eating and drinking by half an hour--not as well with getting in the protein every day. My daily intake has been more in the 40-50g range rather than the 60-80g. Sometimes I want something to actually CHEW--so sue me. So far, I like to crunch on Life cereal, oyster crackers, and that BearNaked granola stuff. I am still super paranoid about my hair falling out--every time I touch my head I'm checking my hand for excess hair loss. So far, so good.

I still haven't really been tempted by food I absolutely used to live for. Doughnuts at the office? I just think about how sick I would get. It's very simple inside my brain: doughnut = vomit. When I have gone out to a restaurant, I either have cup of soup or a dinner salad, either of which I can only finish maybe 1/3 of. My husband was sitting next to me eating a burger and fries last night. I looked at his fries and all I could think about was how sick I could get. I still haven't whipped out the gastric bypass card they gave me. I tried to drink a diet Coke and after two sips I could tell my stomach didn't like it. Water remains my nearest and dearest liquid friend.

Today, I did Sit and Be Fit for the first time. It was nice and easy. I don't have a good straightbacked chair, just an office chair with a pillow behind me for back support. I didn't work up much of a sweat, but it has to help with range of motion and circulation. It will be so great when the ankle gets repaired and I can move around again. I'm feeling fantastic physically and actually looking forward to moving more.

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