Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beware of Goop

No one who hasn't had weight-loss surgery really needs to read this one...

I have been mixing Amino 2222 with powdered single-serving sugar-free drinks and it's been pretty tasty. I mixed it with Fuze Slenderize--it was just fine. I use two tablespoons instead of four just to get some extra protein in so it doesn't taste all protein-y. (Yes, protein does have a flavor. Don't ask me to describe it, it just does. There's an aftertaste and some heft.)

Today, I mixed two tablespoons of Amino 2222 with Sobe Life Water--the 0-calorie version--mango melon, to be specific. Shook it up, took a drink. All good. Took the second drink and this long stringy piece of goo was attached to my lips. Something in the specific chemical makeup of O-calorie Sobe Life Water turned the Amino 2222 into a big clump pinky-red slime, its consistency a hybrid of seaweed and Silly Putty. It was just nasty. (I can't believe I didn't upchuck right then and there, since nausea has become one of the four food groups for me.) I scooped it out with a spoon and drank about half the drink before I gave it up, because every time I took a sip, I could taste and feel that goo again.

I only posted this because I wanted to warn anyone who might be inclined to mix these two things against doing it. Say it with me: BLECCH!!!

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