Sunday, September 20, 2009

Writing sentences

I must not think bad thoughts.

I must not think bad thoughts.

I must not think bad thoughts.

(Only kidding--that's just a little shout-out to X, one of my favorite bands)

I delivered clothes to three people yesterday and drove several hundred miles combined to do it. Everyone liked most of what I brought them. Granny even liked her pajamas--AND they fit her. A minor miracle. I do have to go to Costco and exchange her slippers.

My other friend just sent me more clothes. It's like Christmas would be--if I liked Christmas. I like just-because gifting much better.

I am losing weight again according to my POS scale. The good one still hasn't arrived yet.

My ankle hurts because it's been raining. I wonder how big the scar on my leg is going to be after my surgery.

I don't think my hair is falling out. People keep telling me they like it more my natural color and a couple have even said it makes me look younger. I am so tired right now that there could be no way in hell I look younger. I'm a little melancholy about being old enough for people to comment that things make me look younger. Feh.

I am wondering if I should start a second blog just about writing.

I need to download my friend's Wilco CD. I should also update my Flickr page--it has been MONTHS--and get a bunch of pictures off my PC's hard drive before it crashes.

We also need to book our one-night getaway for next weekend. I also need to decide if I want to get 2010 figure skating nationals tickets because it will pretty much take my whole paycheck this time. I can't go to the Olympics, even though they are two hours away this winter; I'm really disappointed about that.

And as usual, my home office is a wreck. I never quite get it organized.

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