Friday, August 7, 2009

Adventures in pill-crushing

In an ideal world, you take liquid meds after gastric bypass surgery, probably to aid absorption. I haven't even checked into getting my full med regime in liquid or chewable, though I found all my vitamin and mineral supplements that way without a problem.

Crushing pills has been fairly challenging. I bought a little pill crusher, and have found that while some pills transition into a nice, tidy powder, others hold on to their shape for dear life. I usually have to finish up the crushing with a butter knife.

The next logical step is--how to get the pills down? I tried dumping the powder into my mouth and flushing with massive amounts of Crystal Light, but it was NASTY. Sometimes I pour the Crystal Light into the pill crusher, stir it around and choke them down that way, flushing with massive amounts of Crystal Light afterward. So far, the latter seems to work better.

Sometimes I just get fed up and take them whole. I wonder what happens then?

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