Thursday, August 27, 2009

General chitchat

I am losing weight at about the rate of a pound a day--approximately 23 pounds since August 3. It is absolutely beyond my comprehension. Before I had this surgery, it would have taken me months and months to lose 23 pounds--months and months of faithful workouts and total deprivation. And, once I lost it, I could never keep it off for over a year.

I really don't care about food at all now. I watch people eat things that I used to live for and feel almost completely indifferent. Sweets are a little bit hard, but I immediately think how sick they would make me and the bloom is off the rose. I am fine with protein shakes, low-sugar juice, Crystal Light, water, a little fruit, string cheese, and oyster crackers--those seem to have been my staple foods thus far. Unfortunately, I have gotten sick from salmon, beef soup, and salad, sometimes to a greater or lesser extent. I think it's all part of the learning curve and my body still being in the healing process.

I still have a lot of pain when I bend--the one site that was so bruised obviously still is inside. Aesthetically, it looks a lot better, but to bend down and stand back up makes me want to throw up--and I think I stay tired because I'm fighting it. That site is still sore all the time. Unfortunately, it is located on the side I most often sleep and lie on. I have used up every kind of pain medicine I had, and the surgical center gave me a small bottle of liquid Valium earlier this week, which will be gone soon. I see my nutritionist Monday, and I'm going to drop by the surgical center in person and speak to them about what to do with the fact that this still hurts. I am allergic to all the -codones, but there has to be something they can give me for a while longer--even if it's Valium.

I was going to try to return to work next week, but decided to put that off until after Labor Day because that is when one of my uncles is going to be here. I still need a lot of rest, and I want to be available for anything Grandma might need. (I'll write about that whole situation when I have the energy to post about it.)

I drove to the post office today--a short trip (about 3 miles each way). I waited until afterward to take any pain pills, and I did okay. Sometimes I feel like everything is a milestone--My First Trip to Costco! My First Trip to the Post Office! My First Trip to the Movies!

I still can't make many of those whey protein isolate powders edible. Today I tried putting some of the sugar-free caramel syrup in with a chocolate Bariatric Advantage meal replacement. It tasted just barely okay and was relentlessly lumpy despite much blending. That's one thing that really recommends the Ready to Drinks--the lack of lumpy.

I have several friends that are supposed to be sending me clothes. I'm excited waiting for them to get here. I cleared out a couple big garbage bags full of my men's big and tall stuff (shirts and hoodies) to make room for the things I've been buying myself. I'm not going crazy--I can't afford to--but I have been Ebaying a bit. I've thought it was too much trouble to list my own things, but I am beginning to rethink that. I usually just donate everything to friends or friends of friends or charity, but some of the nicer, professional clothing could certainly be sold on Ebay. I'll price it to move, and it will buy me more clothes! I love clothes, whether they are new or just new to me.

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