Thursday, August 13, 2009

Post-op appointment with surgeon

It happened today. My surgery was nine days ago. I have, indeed, lost fifteen pounds. (!) They very kindly whipped out a letter to send to the insurance with my appeal claim for not covering the g-d bloodwork. How can insurance deny it with a nice letter on letterhead that says, "We sent her to the lab, please apply in-network coverage" and signed by my surgeon? Well, I certainly don't know, but I will be saving a copy just the same.

They said my incisions looked good (they're pretty disgusting if you ask me, but not bad as incisions go) and they were happy with everything. It actually was a pretty brief appointment. I see them again in three months. I am glad to have the bandages off--and no more Glad Press and Seal showers--but the sites are still sensitive so I am careful to position myself with a rolled-up towel or something, which helps. Each one is maybe an inch long, and I know they won't show much when all is said and done. They said my color looked good and that it was good that I was up and walking around. I told them I still have a fair amount of pain and fatigue, and they said that was all normal and recommended that I still rest another week or two and just don't push myself too hard, and prescribed more of that lovely liquid Demerol.

I decided to go out to lunch with my friend that drove me, so that was my first post-op restaurant trip. I ordered a cup of clam chowder and a glass of water, and finished about half and have no need to eat for the rest of the day or night. I drank a protein bullet to make sure I got my RDA in.

After that we went to TJ Maxx and I bought a few things--bras in smaller sizes (a gamble, but hard to pass up at $9.99) and some shirts. I won't buy anything smaller than a 1X, and I won't buy any pants because I will need to try those on when the time comes. I actually stuck mostly to 2Xs. I can't imagine myself being smaller than an XL, ever.

Just being out for three or four hours completely exhausted me. It was good to be out in the world a bit, but now being at home mostly horizontal seems like the most fabulous thing ever.

I see the nutritionist Monday.

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