Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Puree Day 1

I consulted my nutritionist instructions, and it turns out today is the day I can start puree. I had some baby cereal (it was Beech Nut whole wheat with raisin) and it was pretty good (I put some Splenda in it). That was fine.

A couple of hours later, I tried to eat some lunch meat--thin-sliced--and immediately got sick after about four bites. I think it was a mild dumping episode, and it was miserable! Nausea, sweat, dizzy, praying to the porcelain God (and I don't have the knees I used to when my lifestyle necessitated frequent prayers to the P.G.). That will teach me not to look at the label--I bet it had sugar in it. Bleargh.

Overall, I feel somewhat sore and still very tired. The worst of the bruising is beginning to heal and turn interesting colors in the interim, but I can't take any of the bandages off the incisions until I see the surgeons on the 13th. I'm just not up to doing ANYTHING, so most of the time I stay horizontal. Books, TV, and the laptop are keeping me from losing my mind. I feel like I should be doing more, but Mr. Salted says, "You just had major surgery. Just rest." It's hard, though. I hate for him to have to work all day and then come home and do all the chores too.

My ankle surgery has been tentatively scheduled for October 1.

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