Monday, August 17, 2009

Feel a bit better.

Saw the nutritionist and she was great. She was happy with my weight loss and with what I had to say. She said that salmon was actually one of the tougher fish to eat and that she had heard of other people getting it stuck like that. She thought I should stick pretty much to liquids for the next couple of days and I told her that was the plan. She gave me a few ideas of things I haven't tried and talked about a recent obesity information seminar she and the staff there had attended which included a talk by a chef who contributes to, the Susan Maria Leach website. She actually drew a diagram of the post-bypass stomach anatomy and how the pouch works that made a bit more sense--"just think of the pouch as a funnel"--and explained why it was better to eat protein first in a meal and all that happy stuff.

I have not been sticking to the drinking half an hour before and half an hour after eating--I'm going to have to get more on the stick with that. She was glad I wasn't working and told me that they actually encourage people to be off work for six weeks (!) if they can swing it. I don't know. I don't want to jeopardize my part-time job, since they work around me and since it just sort of fell out of the sky. We do need the money.

I also confessed to her my bran muffin transgression--"it was a carrot one and I took like three days to eat it and it was soooooo good". She wonders if I might have more symptoms of binge eating disorder than actual food addiction and recommended a book to me that might help. She also thinks I should have a counselor to talk to about my feelings about food if I'm transferring it back to how I feel about myself. She also suggested the post-surgery support groups. They gave me all that information before, so I have handouts about it around here somewhere. I might look up the online ones first. The thought of walking into a room full of people I don't know to talk about me -n- my fat does not thrill me right now. Binge eating disorder? I dunno. That's a lot like bulimia without purging, so it seems like a no-brainer. I've always thought of myself as a recovering bulimic.

I had a really nice, encouraging message from my aunt and uncle when I got home. That made my day.


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