Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Puree Day 2

Last night I had potatoes for dinner--the instant butter and herb kind with some bacon in 'em, and pureed. They were so yummy. It felt so good to chew something. Of course, about six bites and I was done. I had 'em for lunch today, will probably have 'em for dinner too. Also got to put part of an actual banana in my baby cereal...yum!

Tomorrow, I see my surgeons. There are fun things going on with friends the next few days, but I still don't really have the stamina to participate. I'm not taking quite as many doses of narcotics to get through the day, but I'm still taking some and sleeping quite a bit because I still have a fair amount of pain. I'm sure the surgeons aren't going to want me to stay on this stuff much longer. I just hope I can take these damn bandages off and take a real shower without Glad wrap around my midsection.

I got on my scale and it says I've lost fifteen pounds. In a WEEK. That has to be wrong; Murphy's Law would dictate that I will weigh more at the surgery center. I don't look any different. I guess we'll see.

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