Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saturday 9: On Broadway

1. Have you ever seen a Broadway play? If yes what and when?

Never have. I would like to.

2. Tell us about one strange event in your life this week.

Gastric bypass surgery was plenty strange.

3. Have you ever lied to "get the guy/gal"?

No. If you have to lie to get them, they're not worth getting.

4. Tell us about your best friend.

See my blog entry "Ten Years After" from May 2009.

5. What was the best vacation that you ever had?

All the ones I have had with John--to Mexico, to the Olympic Peninsula and to Cannon Beach.

6. What was the last big purchase you made?

My laptop.

7. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink and when did you start drinking it?

Crystal Light--I probably started drinking it about 2000.

8. When was the last time someone did not believe you?

They know who they are, and that's their problem.

9. You have signed on to direct a romantic comedy. Who are your stars?

Jack Black and Amy Adams. I love both of them and they could be a lot of fun as a movie couple.

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