Thursday, August 6, 2009

A question

Q.: How much Demerol does it take for my insurance company not to piss me off?

A.: A damn sight more than I have.

They said they denied almost all of the (gulp!) $800+ laboratory work claim because the lab wasn't in network, and if I'd gone to a lab they approved of, it would have been covered at 90% or 100%. I called the lab, who said they are in network. I then called the insurance company--who called the lab with me on hold--and they came back and told me whoever picked up the phone when they called said that the lab in question is not in network. It's crazymaking.

So now I guess I will fill out an appeal form, and I'm going to say that I did call ahead and that I was told the lab was in network. Because, you know, I just did. I'm more than willing to punt if they're not going to play nice with me.

With that, I'm going back to bed.

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