Monday, August 10, 2009

Experimenting with protein powder

Tried some of the Isopure Mango Peach with some Diet Tropical V-8 Splash instead of water; it was so disgusting I threw it out after one sip.

I'm hoping that, when I can eat fruit again, I can put some actual fruit in one of these concoctions and it will taste okay. I wish I could find some unsweetened applesauce with a low enough sugar content, but as yet I have not been able to. Even the ones that say "no sugar added" have had more than 5g per serving. And those smoothies at Coldstone Creamery that are made with Splenda? Still way beyond my sugar limitations. I'm seriously bummed about that. The lowest sugar content of one of those was 15g for the smallest size--I think that was the berry one.

At this point, puree sounds like heaven because at least I can puree some regular soup. Only a couple more days!!!

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