Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thursday Thunks for August 13

1. Hypothetical question- you are in a building with famous works of art, old manuscripts of famous novels, and original sheet music from famous composers. The building is on fire and looks to be completely destroyed. Do you grab any of the famous works before fleeing, and if so what?

I think the art is the most important because it's needed to make more copies, right? I'm assuming there are copies of the novels and the sheet music. I grab as much as I can, except for the stuff I've never heard of that I think is crap. ;)

2. In August 1969, the Manson family went on a 2 night killing spree. Do you think 40 years later they have paid for their crimes?

No way. They butchered those people.

3. Power Outage! What's the longest you have been without power?

A couple of days. It was not fun. Day three I checked into the Travelodge to prevent frostbite in my feet. Power was restored the next day.

4. Just bought a new tazer gun. Will you let it be tested it on you to see if it works, and how it feels to be tazered?

No--they must have some kind of "tazer dummy" for stuff like that. I've seen "Cops"; being tazed doesn't looked like fun, and I don't have any crack in my pocket, so I'd rather skip it.

5. A neighbor's mail was delivered to you. In it is a magazine not wrapped in plastic. Is it ok for you to flip through it before giving it to the neighbor? Do you tell them you looked through it?

I think it's okay and they don't need to know about it. I know damn well the mailman reads my Rolling Stone and my People. Probably The Utne Reader too. I also know my neighbors would do the same thing. As long as I end up with my magazine in a timely fashion, I'm not too tense about it.

6. If I went through your purse/wallet right now, what all would I find in there?

ID, credit cards, a couple of pictures of me and the Mr., some change, insurance card. I'm not sure if there is any paper money in there right now; I doubt it. Boring.

7. Have you been living under a rock?
Don't we all live under a rock of our own design?

8. Tell us something crazy you did this week.

I ate a piece of string cheese when I was still supposed to be on liquids post-op.

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