Thursday, August 20, 2009

Still healing

Everyone keeps telling me to "take it easy, I just had major surgery". So I am. I think I need to be at home at least another week, because (a) I have no stamina and (b) I'm still in enough pain to have to take painkillers.

My incisions don't hurt at all anymore. Now what pain I have seems to be based inside my stomach. Since my salmon fiasco, I have pretty much stuck to liquids and my beloved mashed potatoes. One of my aunts had this surgery back in the day, and mashed potatoes were apparently her thing too. We had a chuckle over that. I've also been able to eat green grapes without a problem (without peeling them) and apples (I am peeling them).

I can't think of one thing to do with the protein powders to make them palatable. I really like the Amino 2222 liquid (I got it at Super Supplements, but I'll bet GNC has it too), because you can put 4 tablespoons in a drink bottle with sugar free drink mix, barely notice it's there, and it's 22 g of protein. Huzzah!

Speaking of "Huzzah!", Mr. Salted and I are going to Rifftrax tonight--another Mystery Science Theater 3000 offshoot. Should be fun.

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